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I had the perfect client.

His project was interesting. He showed up to meetings on time. He sent me information I needed when requested. He didn't complain. He didn't even argue the price of the contract.

But I wasn't having fun.

It wasn't because of him or the project. It was because I realized one day...

I'm tired of marketing.

I've been doing it for almost 10 years now. At this point, my processes are down. I repeat the processes and I know that traffic will grow and sales increase.

I've done before, and I can do it again and again.

When I get a client that challenges me, they're only a challenge because they're boring.

I swear, if I have to write copy for one more printer ink/toner I will go insane.

I don't want to do it anymore. I don't want to market other people.

I realized it at the seanwes conference last week in Austin, Texas. It was a blast. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones. I even found a secret bar with a secret code, a bar behind a bookshelf, and a bar made out of old shipping containers.

But those are stories for in person (buy me a beer and I'll tell you all about them).

One night, the conference put on an amazing taco/fajita dinner for us. It was so good.

Right at the end of the night, I met this dude Tom Morkes.

He's a brilliant guy and has worked with a lot of important people and companies. He told me my niche, local artists who want to take their art online, is broke. They don't have enough money for me to consistently build a business out of it. I'll end up working way more than I do now for the same amount of money, or less.

He was right.

He suggested I try something like dentists. They've got money and don't know how to market their sites. Plus there are tons of them.

I got excited. He was right. I could charge them a lot more than I do artists.

By the next morning I was feeling pretty depressed. I didn't want to market dentists. To be honest, I didn't want to market artists. I don't want to market anything but my own stuff...and even that I'd love to hire someone else to do for me.

I'm burnt out on marketing. It's time for a career change.

I'm going to pursue something I've been interested in since middle school. In 8th grade, I "built" my first website on Geocities.

I'm declaring right now that at least until January 1st, 2020, I won't focus on anything else other than learning web design and development.

At that point, I will decide if I want to stick with it or try something else. Until then, I will give it everything I've got for 2 years. Even if I decide I don't like it and don't want to pursue it, I'll at least have the skills and knowledge and can apply them to something else.

That's what this site is about.

This website is a way for you to learn about web design and development, with "minimal" aesthetics, while I'm learning.

We will be learning together here.

One thing I believe is "ship early; ship often", "done is better than perfect", "just fucking ship it", or however you want to word that particular concept.

The idea is: get it out there. That's what I'm doing with this website. That's why it looks like this right now.

Something I used to always do was just install WordPress, grab a free or cheap theme, and make minor edits. It's high on my to-do list to learn WordPress development, but the point of this site is to share the journey of learning web design and development, so I won't be installing WordPress here for a while yet.

Everything I do will be posted on github as well as in blog posts to share the learning process.

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